Sunday, 21st April – 8.30pm

THE ABCS OF DEATH 123 minutes 2012 (18)
The ultimate anthology film, 26 films and 26 ways to die, from 26 cutting edge horror film directors spanning 15 countries and pushing at the boundaries of good taste in an alphabetical arsenal of horror.

From the directors of Sightseers, A Serbian Film, Tokyo Gore Police, Hobo With A Shotgun and a star studded line-up of genre filmmakers in a provocative, shocking, fun filled festival of fear and jet black humour.

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Thursday, 2nd May – 8.15pm

Birdemic 2: The Ressurection

with very special guests writer/director James Nguyen, stars Whitney Moore and Alan Bagh and producer Jeff Gross.

A platoon of eagles and vultures attack Hollywood. Why did the eagles attack? And who will survive? Find out in this thrilling sequel to the smash hit romantic horror film and meet the cast and director. Get your coat hangers ready for round two because the shock and terror is back: bigger, better… badder!

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H IS FOR HORROR - the quiz of doom!

16th April CafeBar

An Alphabet based quiz: 26 killer questions to usher in the exclusive advanced Mayhem screening of new anthology film THE ABC’s OF DEATH from a host of international directors including Ben Wheatley, Ti West and many, many more… screening on Sunday 21st April.